We take the hassle out of keeping your pool clean and blue. We only use environmentally friendly products. Call us today for a free assessment and an obligation free quotation on your pool service.

We supply the chlorine, monthly algaecide and chlorine tabs. We monitor and maintain all the pool levels, equipment, and filtration system.


We offer a once-a-month service where we come out to check the health of your pool. A full water analysis is done on site and the chemicals required are listed. We check the cleaning equipment, pump and filtration system for faults and make sure it is in a good working order.

We will supply the required chemicals needed according to the full water analysis at an additional cost to the client. We will also supply a written quotation on any faults with the pump, filtration, heating and pool cleaning equipment found. Such quotation has to be accepted and the relevant deposits paid before any work will commence.

Please contact us for the perfect solution. Easy, quick and hassle-free.